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Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert

Every pornstar has to start somewhere, and for exotic beauty Sadie Blake, it was onstage at a strip club in her home state of Ohio. This raven-haired babe laughs as she recalls her first few weeks as an exotic dancer: "I didn't really know any moves, so I just would shake my butt for the most part." With a booty as cute as hers, that was more than enough, but before long this tight-bodied babe had leveled up enough to whirl around the pole with the best of them! Once Sadie had the skills to put on an unparalleled sexual show, she knew she was ready to make the jump to the adult film industry! Even after making her porn debut, Sadie knows her journey has only just begun. This stunner is looking to up her sexual game as much as she can, pushing her limits with pretty much every kind of sex under the sun, especially BDSM which Sadie says she's especially eager to try! Watch this fresh-faced beauty continue her path to porn mastery now.

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